In coming together as the New Zealand Tech Marketers Group (TMG) we have three clear goals:

  1. To connect marketers in the tech industry.
  2. To promote marketing within tech companies and the wider industry.
  3. To advance New Zealand tech marketers locally, nationally and globally.

In doing this we look to share information, ideas and resources to collectively improve your marketing capability and success.  We aim to meet within our regions for networking and idea sharing and plan to lead other workshops, seminars and conferences to advance the technology marketing discipline across New Zealand.

It’s all about connecting

We actively encourage members to connect with each other outside of TMG events:

  • Have a coffee with someone new,
  • Lunch with a group of like-minded marketers who work in your area or share your passion,
  • Pick the brains of someone who is more of an expert at something than you are.

Look for connections at our regular events or reach out to your regional co-ordinator for an introduction.

TMG rules of engagement

In coming together we want everyone to get to know each other, share experiences and lift the combined expertise of the sector but there are some rules of engagement:

  1. No ridiculous touting for business (or employment).
  2. Happy to have vendors involved but give us your learnings, not your sales pitch.
  3. We’re a community that has come together to learn, collaborate and fill the gaps – self-interested behaviour isn’t tolerated.

Executive Council

We are unashamedly a group of volunteers trying to make things happen. While we have great admin support from NZ Tech, the Exec Council all still have day jobs, so the more ideas, volunteers and feedback we get, the better.

If you’ve got an issue – please don’t keep quiet – we can’t fix what we don’t know about.  And if you’ve got an idea or think you can help, let us know; we can always use one or two more good ideas (or people).

National Co-Chairs

Jane Smallfield & Bob Pinchin


Regional Representatives

* = primary regional contact


Cath Carlsen*, Christelle Blanchet- Aissaoui, Matt East, Caroline Francis, Nicola Harrop


Katy Sweetman*, Meng Purcell, Julie Monette Sudfeldt, Hollie Thomas


Owen Scott*, Penny Bateman, Claire Ellena

NZ Tech Board Rep

Nick Elias, NZTech Member Relations Manager