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Katy Sweetman

Webinar on-demand: A Tech Marketer’s Guide to Briefing an Agency in the New Decade

A great brief can be the key to dazzling campaign success. A not-so-great brief can seal an average (or worse!) outcome before we’ve even started rolling up our sleeves.

But what makes the perfect agency brief?

What should it include?

What do we need to be doing to get the best from our agency partnerships and really smash it out of the park?

And what would our agencies love to tell us we could be doing differently to get better results? (Or, in other words, what frustrates the hell out of them?)

If you missed our first webinar for the year on the ins and outs of successful briefs, featuring agency tech marketing veterans Matthew Masters (Badger Communications) and Grant Maxwell (Uprise Digital), never fear. It’s here for you at any time.

Close the lid on your inbox, grab a coffee and watch the webinar on-demand – and give your next campaign the best start in life with an A+ brief.

Watch the webinar here.

Matthew Masters
Matthew Masters, Founder and Creative Director, Badger Communications
Grant Maxwell
Grant Maxwell, Client Service Director, Uprise Digital

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Katy Sweetman